The Promotional Design Group is a specialized team focused on retail displays and packaging as well as complex industrial packaging and thermoform design that supports and services all Packaging Unlimited locations. Our experience stretches the gamut of packaging and display applications as well as the variety of materials and processes used to produce the finished products. While our primary medium is paper products such as corrugated and folding carton, we often incorporate or utilize permanent materials like wood, plastic and metal to provide the most effective and functional solutions for our customers.

Structural Design -

• Latest in CAD Software
• Wide Array of POP Materials
• Maximize Manufacturing Efficiencies

Graphic Design -

• Handle Art from Agencies
• Create Custom Art
• Work Directly with Print Houses

Thermoform Package Design -

• Utilize Solid Modeling CAD
• Engineer Plastic Display and Package Components
• Develop CAD Files for Tooling

Specialty Design -

• Permanent Displays
• Wood Crates
• Foam Packaging Components

Visualization -

• Black and white line drawings
• Full color, photorealistic renderings
• Full scale, color mock-ups

Instructions -

• Pallet Patterns
• Manufacturing Assembly
• Retail Setup