Packaging Unlimited specializes in innovative thermoform packaging for both consumer and industrial applications. When you contact Packaging Unlimited for your thermoform packaging project, we will provide a comprehensive package guaranteed to connect with the consumer and increase sales.

These services include:

Consultation - Using your specifications as a guide and considering all aspects of the supply chain and the packaging environment, Packaging Unlimited’s experienced design engineers will create an innovative concept to support your thermoform packaging needs.

Design - Our Display Group will design aesthetically-pleasing and eye-catching thermoforms that will transform your product into a high-volume, fast selling package.


  • Flocked HIPS (color matching availability)
  • HIPS or Styrene (color matching availability)
  • PETG
  • PLA

Packaging and Security - Packaging Unlimited is equipped to fulfill your product’s security needs by incorporating the appropriate sealing method. For industrial packaging, we design protective and cost-effective packaging for specialized material handling.

Sealing Methods

  • Blister
  • Ultra Violet
  • Radio Frequency
  • Sonic

Transport Materials - Packaging Unlimited designs transport inserts and trays that utilize the appropriate materials to ensure your product's integrity. Both virgin and recycled materials are formed to create the optimal packaging solution.